Sophie, The Yoga Mama

My name is Sophie. I’m forty-something years old and have spent the last 15 years of my life working in the world of Public Relations. What exactly does that mean? Even my mum regularly wonders.


Basically: Countless interactions with people from all walks of life. Hours spent organising events, conferences, exhibitions, fashion shows, fairs, premieres, trips, photo-shoots, cocktails and parties. Traveling the globe to Hong Kong, New York, Rio, Buenos Aires, London, and Moscow, while keeping my home base city of Paris. All very glamorous.


But hard work too. I spend a lot of my time dealing with logistical disasters, travel hiccups, crisis management or simply unruly personalities.

Navigating the hectic world of PR, I used Yoga to alleviate the craziness and refocus. Everywhere I went, I searched for the best studios in town, the most inspiring teachers, and the purest practices. Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Iyengar, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Acro, Bikram, Jivamukti, Flow, Swings – You name it, I tried it. I only left the Naked Yoga to other type of adventurers.

Before I even realised what was happening, Yoga had become an integral part of my lifestyle.

And somewhere along the journey,

this red wine-loving, hamburger- eating,

cigarette-smoking, Parisian city girl changed.


Not that I now feast solely on organic seeds or live in a dark cave. But I’m more attuned to the world around me. Yoga opened me to become more aware of my mind, body, emotions – of others & of my environment. The combination of physical activity, mental awareness, and global consciousness has shown me a quality of life that I never imagined possible while drinking champagne at cocktail parties.


We all live in an increasingly demanding world. Most of us find it hard to unplug. To relax. To gather. To talk to oneself. To be aligned with who we really are & what we really want in our lives.


This is when I decided to bring together my skills, contacts and dedication to create my dream Yoga and spiritual experiences.

First, I seeked out unique locations. Original settings, spectacular views and a peaceful environment to create the right experiences.


I picked authentic and beautiful houses & boutique hotels across my favourite islands. From personal experiences of sleeping on tough mattresses and sunbathing in plastic chairs, I wanted to ensure that style and comfort matched the amazing settings.

Cool spacious bedrooms. Proper bathrooms. Beautiful materials from poolbar to tableware. Interesting local design and objects.


Because being surrounded by beauty is my personal source of inspiration to find it within.


Of course : Inspired and charismatic Yoga teachers and Wellness professionals. Always. From all over the world. Serious in their practice. Light, fun, and cool in their approach. Able to teach and lead while merging the physical and the spiritual side along with lightness and generosity.


Talented and devoted Chefs – who will make you crave a Quinoa salad or Detox Juice. Who can create delicious YET healthy vegetarian food.


Finally, I created a Concierge Service, allowing Teachers to focus on their practice and Guests to enrich their experience : from travel arrangements to services and amenities that make your week truly special: heavenly massages, holistic treatments, Gong therapy, or any tailored pampering & extra activities you may fancy (from boat trips, horse riding, cooking or photography classes to personal shopping. You name it!)

All while promising to share the best spots and hidden insiders locations of wherever we end up travelling. A Must.

I am convinced it is by the little change we make that we may change the world (a bit). But some famous guy said this much better than I.



Need a Yoga break ?
Want to know where are we off to next ?
Dreaming of your own private Yoga escape ?

Or just to say hi?

I would so love to hear from you.




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