The Yoga Mama Club takes summer residence in Sifnos island


You chose Sifnos for your summer break

and you did so well

Welcome to an amazing island, where the beauties of nature will overwhelm you surely, and the unique lifestyle you will experience will make your time here even more special.
Amongst the endless occasions to delight yourself while on the island, we wish to offer special moments to get even deeper into relaxation and contemplation.

We love Yoga (all year round) and we feel Sifnos combines the perfect elements to invite you to discover, start again or deepen your Yoga practice. We are lucky enough to not only have the most magnificent environment for Yoga practice, but gather as well in Sifnos some beautiful teachers, inside out.

Additionally, we carefully picked our favorite Wellbeing therapists to book any blissful massage or rejuvenating treatments you may want to treat yourself withBecause holidays in Greece are all about Do What You Like‘ – as Greeks will tell you.

Whether you want to join us for one or a week of Yoga classes, enjoy the luxury of private classes at the pace and level you wish, or to pamper yourself, get in touch & ask us anything you wish for!

Welcome to Sifnos,
we are just so delighted to Share the Lifestyle we Love.

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